The Weigh-Less Adventure is an 8 week opportunity to do just that, weigh less. It starts Aug 27 and ends Oct 21, 2018. This is a program like no other. How? Let us list a few ways.

It is limited to 287 participants. It is NOT a first come, first served sign up. Instead it is a lottery. The 287 participants will be selected from all those who enter the lottery. The lottery winners will receive an individual invitation to sign up for the program. 

It is NOT a competition. Yes, some other Nuvita based programs have been competitive, with teams and score boards. This is not one of them. This is about you, as an individual, wanting to be just a bit better.

It is focused on helping you build skills. We often think of building skills in golf, music, wood working and many other things. We need skills when it comes to food and exercise. Skills make us successful far beyond an 8 week program.

If you want all the nitty-gritty details, there are lots of those below. The MOST IMPORTANT thing to know right now is if you want a shot at this adventure, you have to enter the lottery. Below is the button to enter.


So tell me all about this Weigh-Less Adventure

You bet! We thought you'd never ask! 

This ADVENTURE is about:

  • Eating better, without dieting or feeling deprived
  • Getting active, no matter what shape you are in now
  • Ditching the food rules, dropping the fad diet mentality, and sorting through all the conflicting advice
  • Achieving and maintaining your goals, even when life gets busy

What you can expect from taking on this ADVENTURE:

  • Losing weight and fat that you maybe have not been able to shed for years
  • Building strength and confidence in you and your body
  • Letting go of food confusion and learning what to do and how to do it
  • Getting off the diet roller coaster once and for all, and never looking back

How does this ADVENTURE work?

There are some very important pieces to this puzzle, that when you put each piece in its place, it just works. Here are the pieces.


You have access to Nuvita coaches. Schedule appointments with them or send them messages to get the professional support you need to be successful.If you don't take advantage of this invaluable piece, you will short change your success.

  • Schedule up to 3 appointments with a coach by phone or video chat 
  • Set goals and discuss strategies
  • Get professional guidance on nutrition, exercise, health, habits, and behavior change 
  • You will get weekly messages from your coach in the app


food app.png

Having clear, short term goals and being consistent in working on them is the real key to success. The app will help you see exactly what you need to do each week and how you are progressing in achieving those things. 

  • Build your daily food story board by simply taking a pic of what you eat
  • See how much exercise you are targeting to get each week and see in real time how well you are doing
  • See your weekly skill that you will work on with encouragement from your coach
  • Get push notifications of your coaches messages


Each participant will receive the following technology tools to help them be successful.

  • Heart rate monitor that connects to your phone via Blue-tooth. Your heart doesn't lie. It will tell you exactly how hard to work, if you are not working hard enough or too hard, give you a detailed history of what you did and help you understand how it all helps you achieve your goals. 
  • Blue-tooth scale that connects to your phone. If weighing less is your goal, you have to know if you are making progress. If you are, you keep doing what you're doing. If not, you have to make some changes. It's that simple and your scale will let you know. 


Over 8 weeks (Aug 27-Oct 21, 2018) you have 1 skill each week to develop. These are foundational skills. Foundational skills are those that if you don't develop them, all the other stuff you try and do with your food and exercise, won't ever really matter.

You will see the skill right in your app along with great resources to help you work on and build the skill. 



Like many things there are important details that you should know, the fine print you might say. As you can see, however, that ours is the same size print as all the other information on this page. That's how we roll. So here they are, and don't say we didn't tell you so.

  • You MUST have an Android or iPhone smartphone that is Bluetooth enabled and has service. The cardio monitor connects to your phone to record your heart rate. The phone must stay within 40 feet of you while wearing the monitor to record your exercise. The scale is also Bluetooth and connects to your phone. 
  • Apple watch is compatible with the app, if you already have one. Sorry, we are not giving them out as part of your gear.
  • No other monitors are compatible with the app. Nope, not Garmin, Fitbit, or the bizillion other devices you may be tempted to ask about.  
  • If you have participated in a Nuvita program in the past and have used a Garmin device, then we are truly sorry, but you CANNOT use it for this adventure. Why? Because we actually do a little bit of work over here at Nuvita and have built a new platform for this program. We haven' t introduced Garmin and our new platform and asked them to be friends.
  • There is not a website. All your activities and communication happen on your mobile app.
  • There are no teams, scores, or competition in this program. This program is all about helping people weigh less, and that is a personal journey, whether that means 1 pound or 20 pounds. If this is not your goal or you are not really serious about doing so, willing and ready to take real action, don't enter the lottery. It's not for you. 
  • From those that enter the lottery, only 287 will receive a specific, personal invitation to sign up with a stated deadline for sign up in the invitation.  If you have not signed up by that stated deadline, others will be invited to sign up. From that point, it is first come, first served until the 287 slots are filled.