Oh carbs, they get a bad rap, and unfairly so! It is about time we stop shaming carbs and learn to embrace them! Once we view them in a positive light and learn a long term sustainable approach on how to include them in our diet, we will be able to achieve and maintain weight loss. Carbohydrates are essential to our body, which means they are necessary to consume for optimal health and performance. The key though, is that we strive to eat the highest quality carbs (you know those high fiber, no added sugar carbs) most of the time (there is always room for an occasional cookie) and eat portions that are appropriate for our body and activity level. Let's keep this week's food skill simple. First, here are the foods that are considered to be an optimal "carb"...

All grains such as rice, oats, pasta, quinoa etc. ,all breads to include tortillas and pitas, ALL BEANS, POTATOES, SQUASH, CORN and fruit. 

Second, use the hand portion guide of how much carbs to strive for at meal times. For women, strive to eat 1 cupped handful of carbs at meals and for men, strive for 2 cupped handfuls. Remember, this is not a rigid rule. If you notice you are still hungry soon after meals, you can increase carbs by 1/2 cupped handful. Conversely, if you are finding that you are stuffed, then reduce by 1/2 a handful. While tracking in your app this week, take pictures of your carb selections and pay attention to the quality and portion of carbs you eat. Are most of your carbs from processed high sugar sources? Are you omitting carbs all together? There is no judgement, just simply using the information you gain from your tracking to improve each day. All those baby steps really do add up over time when practiced consistently. Here is to learning to love carbs and how they nourish our bodies! For a complete guide on how to build a balanced plate with optimal portions, using just your hand as a guide, check out the button below!




Why strength train? Let’s explore a few reasons.

1. It builds muscle. You’re saying, “well duh!” Muscle burns 5 times as many calories per minute as fat does, no matter what you are doing. Running? Yep, your muscle is burning at 5 times the rate of your fat. Cooking dinner? Your muscle is burning at 5 times the rate of your fat. Sleeping? Your muscle is burning at 5 times the rate of your fat. You can see then why it will be a super helpful skill for weight loss!

2. Muscles have a nicer shape. The goal to look nice is a great goal to have, even though sometimes we may not want to admit it for fear of appearing vain. When we look good, we feel good and when we feel good we are more likely to think clearly and make better choices. So those shapely muscles will not only affect your appearance but indirectly your decision making. 

3. It increases strength. Strong is healthy, weak is not. Bottom line. When we are strong ALL tasks are easier, from the simple to the complex, and we do them with less risk of injury. Speaking of injury, when you’re hurt, you don’t get to exercise, which shoots a hole right through the middle of your health goals. So stay strong, stay injury free, and stay healthy.

For this week, we want you to incorporate strength training if you aren't already doing so. Be sure to wear your cardio monitor when you do it, because it can encourage you to push yourself and earn you time in both the grey and blue zones.  We are giving you a basic strength program in the button below. These exercises alone will build strength and help you feel and move better. It can be more complicated than this, but it doesn’t have to be and will take you under 20 minutes. An overall goal would be to fit a strength workout in 2-3 times per week. 


This week we introduce to you playground workouts. At one point in our lives we were all children enjoying the fun challenge of playing on the playground. Doing this week’s workouts…. Have a Slider, Grassy-Ass (thank you very much) and Park-Core will make you feel like a kid again and provide you with great ideas on how to use that playground equipment, and get your heart rate up.