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For 2018, we have many interesting options to improve your health and well being. Simply complete any three of the four challenges to earn your incentive.

CHALLENGE 1                         FINANCIAL FITNESS + CARDIO                        APRIL 30-JUNE 10

CHALLENGE 2                         WEIGHT LOSS + CARDIO                                  JUNE 25-AUGUST 5

CHALLENGE 3                         SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE + CARDIO                       AUGUST 27-OCTOBER 7

CHALLENGE 4                         HOLIDAY + CARDIO                                          NOVEMBER 5-DECEMBER 16


  • Employees must complete any 3 of  the 4 challenges participating at 70% or better during 2018

  • Employees who meet the incentive (3 of 4) will receive a discount of $10/week off their medical insurance

  • Spouses who participate and meet the incentive will receive an additional $10/week off their combined medical insurance

  • New employees will be required to complete two challenges, or the maximum number of remaining challenges after their start date


  1. Garmin Vivosmart HR Plus
  • Heart rate measured on wrist (no chest strap required)
  • Smartphone notifications (call, text, email)
  • $25 for employees on health plan
  • $25 for spouses on health plan
  • $150 for spouses not on health plan



mynuvita app icon.png

If you are using the Garmin Vivosmart or Apple watch, here is how to get started.

STEP 1: Download the mynuvita app to your phone. Just search the store for Nuvita and look for the app that looks like this. (Nuvita has multiple apps so pay attention to get the right one)

STEP 2: Click these links to read the instructions on how to setup your Garmin Vivosmart. You can setup up to your smartphone with these links: Setup Garmin Vivosmart with SmartphoneGarmin Vivosmart Basic Functions,

...or if you don't have a smartphone, use these links for instructions on setting your Garmin up with a computer: Setting Up Vivosmart with a PC,  Setting Up Vivosmart with a Mac.

...or click here to read the instructions on how to setup your Apple watch.




Research shows that when we are financially fit, our overall health and productivity improves. By arming yourself with the knowledge about how to better manage your money, you will better manage stress and improve sleep. Get geared up to get both cardio and fiscally fit by enrolling in the Financial Wellness + Cardio program. 

Weight Loss + Cardio:


This 6 week challenge is not for the sake of weight loss alone. The most successful weight losers approach weight loss from a holistic approach. In this 6 week challenge, you will focus on getting quality cardio exercise and be educated on best strategies to manage weight and create a healthier relationship with food, 5 reasons why calorie counting doesn't work, and that sleep and muscle are the keys to efficient weight management. Join Nuvita's Weight Loss Challenge and become a successful loser.


      SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE + cARDIO                                                    HOLIDAY + CARDIO


Our lives can get hectic. Lots of commitments, lots of things we want to do and lots to keep up with. It’s no wonder many of us become overwhelmed. Simplifying our lives can help us combat these feelings and improve our overall sense of wellbeing. However, living a simpler life in, what can be, a complex world takes some clever intentional action. This program will guide you on a simpler way.


From Halloween til New Year’s Eve, life seems to be a series of eating sessions and too much time hibernating indoors. We want to help you enjoy your the Holiday Season while staying in tune with your health goals. Let’s not let your Hol-I-Day eating and limited movement turn into a Hol-i-Week or Hol-i-Month!



During all of your Nuvita Challenges, you have access to Nuvita coaches. Schedule appointments with them or send them messages to get the professional support you need to be successful.

  • Schedule up to 3 appointments with a coach by phone or video chat - click here to schedule or click the schedule link in your app on or the website
  • Set goals and discuss strategies
  • Get professional guidance on exercise and nutrition
  • Schedule with a dietitian or excercise physiologist


If you need technical support, you have options.

  • Call at 877-283-9730
  • Email at techsupport@nuvita.com
  • Schedule a specific time for support by clicking here
  • Tap the ? (help) in the the Nuvita apps or websites
  • If you have a mynuvita account and just have forgotten your password, click here


Manual Credit for Time In Zone

Manual credit for exercise time in heart rate zones is reserved for technical failures and non-routine extenuating circumstances only. The following are examples of when manual credit would be warranted.

  • Technical issues with the cardio monitor or web portal that prevented downloading of cardio minutes.
  • Dead batteries may be included as a technical issue, but not multiple incidents of dead batteries

Examples where manual credit is not warranted include: 

  • User error—user does not understand how to properly use the equipment
  • Participants forgot their cardio monitors.
  • Participants lost their cardio monitor
  • Participants accidentally turned off their monitors.
  • Participant is on vacation, sick or traveling for business reasons and don’t have their monitors with them.

For complete details of the Nuvita manual credit policy, click here.

Hardship Policy

Participants may experience hardships (injury, illness, etc.) after starting their Nuvita programs that impair their abilities to complete their programs as originally designed, for some period during their programs or for the duration of their programs.

Nuvita professionals will modify participants’ programs in order to allow participants’ to continue to use the heart rate monitor during the hardship period. Heart rate zones will be set at a level that is achievable during the hardship, even if that level requires the zones be set to resting levels. Hardship status does not remove the requirement to use the heart rate monitor and record the achievable physical activity.

Validation from a physician in writing is required to be placed on hardship.

It is the responsibility of the participant to notify their coach AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at the onset of the hardship. Failure to notify the coach in a timely manner may result in not receiving credit retroactively.