Yahoo! You're on your ADVENTURE! Hitting the wide open road carefree and open to opportunity! Like any adventure, you probably have some element of a plan while expecting the unexpected. Even the best laid plans will be interrupted by surprises. That's what makes it adventurous. Let's talk about what the plan is and once you get started, we will deal with the surprises together.


Each week the plan is really just a handful of things you need to do to be successful. Here they are. You can learn more about the details of each by scrolling down. 

  • Take pictures of what you eat and drink

  • Put your monitor on and go exercise

  • Weigh yourself

  • Check out each weeks Adventure web page

  • Look for messages from your coach and maybe even consider talking to them (gasp) by scheduling an appointment

  • Earn rewards for consistently practicing your skills

Take Pictures of What You Eat and Drink

food app.png

Calorie counting does not work for most people. Diets have a very short shelf life. Measuring carbs, proteins and fats is tedious at best and definitely annoying. Ultimately, none of these methods work because they are not focused on building the right skills. In your adventure, you will simply use the app to take pictures of what you eat and drink and rank how healthy your choices are. The app builds your food story board for the day. You story board is the story of WHAT, HOW MUCH and WHEN you ate. This create conscientiousness of your choices and helps you see the patterns that are good and those that can be improved. Your coach will also see your story board and can help you re-write the story, where needed. Each week we will give powerful tools and resources that will help you build skills like knowing when to eat, when not to eat, and when to stop eating, how to know exactly how many carbs proteins, and fats to have at every single meal and many more. 

PUt your monitor on and go exercise

Nuvita Cardio Monitor.png

Your heart rate monitor will show you what you heart is doing right on your phone. Why is this important? Because your heart rate is the BEST indicator of what you do and how you do it. Want to go run, hike, lift weights, or do yoga? Go ahead and watch your heart rate create your personal story of what you did and how it went. Each week you will have clear goals of how much total exercise time you should shoot for and how much of it should be easy, medium and hard. You can literally do whatever you enjoy doing, you just do it in a way that meets your targets and you will be confident you are getting the benefits you are seeking. If you want, we can even help you figure out what to do to meet your targets.

Weigh Yourself


If you have a goal, you have to have a way to see how you are doing. A measuring stick to see how you are progressing. This being a Weigh-Less Adventure, that way is to weigh. Your Bluetooth scale makes this very simple. Tap the measure button in your app, step on the scale, and see your results. If it's improving, keep doing what your doing. If it's not, then it's time to change something in your plan. You coach will give you the best strategies for when, how and how often to weigh, as well as guide you if you need help in making the adjustments to make progress. 

Check out the weeks adventure web page

Each week you have access to a new web page that outlines the SINGULAR skill of the week for exercise and for food. We often try biting off more than we can chew  when it comes to eating better (pun intended). Exercise usually places us either in the "go hard or go home" camp or the "my fitness routine is about fit'ness this whole taco in my mouth" camp (pun intended once again). These pages introduce you to a single skill each week that you focus on and really master. They build on each other so that after 8 weeks you have mastery of all sorts of new skills that will successfully carry you far into the future.

Look for messages from your coach and schedule an appointment


Each week your coach will be messaging you about your food, your exercise and sending you information and resources to support you. You can schedule 3 live appointments with your coach to get help, discuss your goals, determine strategies and much more. The button to schedule these appointments is right in your app and at the time of the appointment you meet with your coach either over the phone or in a video chat. 

Earn rewards for consistently practicing your skills

During the ADVENTURE you collect points for taking actions and practicing your skills. At the end of the adventure you can be rewarded with some nice gifts. You accumulate points by measuring your weight on your Bluetooth scale, taking photos of your food, and getting minutes in your heart rate zones. Here is how it breaks down:

  • Measure weight - you get 1 point each time you weigh yourself on your Bluetooth scale, with a MAX of 2 points per week

  • Pictures of your food - you get 1 point per meal you track in your app, with a MAX of 21 points per week

  • Exercise with your monitor - you get 1 point for each minute per week in your blue zone and 2 points for each minute per week in your orange zone, with NO MAX per week

Rewards will be given accordingly:

  • The top 20% of point earners from all adventurers will receive a $35 Amazon gift card

  • The next 20% of point earners from all adventurers will receive a $25 Amazon gift card

  • The next 20% of point earners from all adventurers will receive a $15 Amazon gift card

At the conclusion of the adventure, those that have earned rewards will be notified how to collect them.


Ok, they are probably not necessary for survival but here are some more important things you may want to know. 

Quick start videos

CorSync App for Exercise (1:14)

CoySync App for Tracking Food (1:02)

CorSync App for Measuring Weight/Body Comp (:45)


If you haven't yet, be sure to get the app, register, and set up your monitor and scale. They came with instructions but here you can download the instructions if you already filed them in that round file cabinet. 




If you need tech support just contact support in one these ways:

  • Call at 877-283-9730

  • Email at techsupport@nuvita.com

  • Schedule a specific time for support by clicking here

  • Tap the ? (help) in the the CorSync app


Heart rate zones

This is a weigh less adventure so quality exercise is important in order to get results. That is where your monitor comes in. You have heart rate zones set for you with targets to get a certain number of minutes in each zone each week. Using your age and gender, the default settings for targets are in the table below. 


For weight loss, 150 minutes or more of quality physical activity is recommended each week. This adventure is about you though. So if these defaults are not right for you, by all means, let's change them by changing the percentages, the time in zones, or anything you want. Just contact your coach and let's make them fit you. 

By the way, there is no penalty for not meeting your weekly goals. It's all about your own success.

adventure workbook

This workbook will provide you with many of the food and exercise skills we will cover during your 8 week adventure. You can download a copy of the book here. If you just need to download certain sections of the workbook, like the 7 DAY MEAL PLANNER, we also have a menu of the different sections for download.


Just need to download specific sections of the workbook? Use these links.

Clean Eating List                     7 Day Meal Planner                 

Recipe Book                            Breakfast Planner             

Portion Guide                           Hunger Scale                         

Supplement                              Balanced Shake Guide

Clean Snack Guide                   Eating Out Guide                   

How to Burn Fat In Less Time   A Balanced Workout Routine 

Walking Workouts                     Why Heart Rate     

Benefits of Yoga                        The Value of Having Metrics


Like many things there are important details, the fine print you might say, that you should know. As you can see, however, that ours is the same size print as all the other information on this page. That's how we roll. So here they are, and don't say we didn't tell you so.

  • You MUST have an Android or iPhone smartphone that is Bluetooth enabled and has service. The cardio monitor connects to your phone to record your heart rate. The phone must stay within 40 feet of you while wearing the monitor to record your exercise. The scale is also Bluetooth and connects to your phone.

  • Apple watch is compatible with the app, if you already have one. Sorry, we are not giving them out as part of your gear.

  • No other monitors are compatible with the app. Nope, not Garmin, Fitbit, or the bizillion other devices you may be tempted to ask about.

  • If you have participated in a Nuvita program in the past and have used a Garmin device, then we are truly sorry, but you CANNOT use it for this adventure. Why? Because we actually do a little bit of work over her at Nuvita and have a new platform this program is run from. We haven' t introduced Garmin and our new platform and asked them to be friends.

  • There is not a website. All your activities and communication happen on your mobile app.

  • There are no teams, scores, or competition in this program. This program is all about helping people weigh less, and that is a personal journey, whether that means 1 pound or 20 pounds. If this is not your goal or you are not really serious about doing so, willing and ready to take real action, don't enter the lottery. It's not for you.

  • From those that enter the lottery, only 287 will receive a specific, personal invitation to sign up with a stated deadline for sign up in the invitation. If you have not signed by that stated deadline, others will be invited to sign up. From that point it is first come, first served until the 287 slots are filled.