Welcome to YOUR NUVITA CHALLENGE. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to:

  • Lose weight. Get your mind set around that goal and firmly anchor in your mind that you are going to be successful.
  • Develop life long skills that will carry you far beyond the Challenge. We will help you practice and acquire the skills you need.
  • Embrace and become a part of a community of losers. In the best sense of the word, we want you to be a loser and we have a community of losers wanting you to join them. 


This is your personal Nuvita Challenge Website. Each week a new page will be released with the next section of the website. Access the web pages from the dashboard of your Corsync app under Challenges. Each week you will find: 

  • Your 3 Smart Workout videos for the week
  • Fun Food Moves that will give you additional strategies about the food you eat
  • That week's Webinar topic and link to access the webinar
  • More

Complete the steps below to get started. Come back to this page any time you need to.


This is where we will give you the low down on everything you need to know and give you a chance to have all your questions answered. This orientation will take about 30 minutes and we will make sure you know exactly what you need to do.


Maybe you already got your workbook, but if you need, you can download a copy of the book here. If you just need to downlaod certain sections of the work book, like the 7 DAY MEAL PLANNER, we also have a menu of the different sections for download.


Just need to download specific sections of the workbook? Use these links.

Clean Eating List                     7 Day Meal Planner                 

Recipe Book                            Breakfast Planner             

Portion Guide                           Hunger Scale                         

Supplement                              Balanced Shake Guide

Clean Snack Guide                   Eating Out Guide                   

How to Burn Fat In Less Time   A Balanced Workout Routine 

Walking Workouts                     Why Heart Rate     

Benefits of Yoga                        The Value of Having Metrics


If you have the hard copy version of the workbook and are looking for the links to resources listed in the workbook, here they are:

Workout Videos:           PACE MAKER                  MAKE 'EM STAIR                 CIRCUIT CITY                  NOW I FEEL YA


You are getting some pretty cool gear. When your shipment of gear arrives, it will have setup instructions in the box. Just in case you need it again or just want a little preview, click the buttons for instructions on setting up your BLUETOOTH HEART RATE MONITOR and your BLUETOOTH SCALE.

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Pasted image at 2017_12_04 12_52 PM (1).png


This is where the community of losers meet. Share your success, your struggles, your questions, your answers, and see what your coaches and fellow losers have to say. 

As a fundamental part of the challenge we highly recommend you make regular posts to the Facebook group that includes:


  • Regularly post the foods you are eating. 
  • Your workouts and heart rate graphs. 
  • What you learn about yourself.
  • If you are willing, sharing your discoveries about YOU can help you and those around you.


Each week we will be providing you webinars with interesting, thought provoking information.The webinar schedule is:

Week 1

  • Nutrition Made Simple 
  • How to Make the Perfect Meal 

Week 2

  • SWEET! How Much Sugar Is in the Food You Eat (it will surprise you) 

Week 3

  • Don't Let That Calorie Boss You Around 
  • The Breakfast Club

Week 4

  • How to Really Change a Habit 
  • How Your Workouts Can Ruin Your Results 

Week 5

  • Sleep and Stress 
  • Everything Has A Price 

Week 6

  • The Cost of Getting Lean 
  • Flex Your Will Power Muscle