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Clean Eating List, Eating Well is about being consistently good rather than occasionally perfect

6:22 Minutes

Download Clean Eating List

Meal Planning, Save time and energy with this strategy


5:99 Minutes

Download 7 Day Meal Planner or Recipe Book

Breakfast Planning, to help you make better food choices the rest of the day

8:58 Minutes

Download Breakfast Planner

Portion Guide, counting calories is not an efficient way to help you eat optimal amounts

11:05 minutes

Download Portion Guide

Building a Balanced Shake, ensure that your shake isn't missing the key foods

6:25 minutes

Download Balanced Shake Guide

Hunger Scale, paying more attention to your body is more important than following a specific diet

8:32 minutes

Download Hunger Scale

Snacking, learn how to set up your food environment so you eat well all day long

6:13 minutes

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Supplements, when important vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are low, your metabolism is impaired

3:55 minutes

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                                                 EXERCISE MENTORING WITH

                                                 COACH JESS


Exercise Intro, let's get started

11:56 min



intervals, how to get the value of high intensity exercise

13:09 min

Download Interval Training

Heart rate, why everyone should using heart rate to guide them

7:51 min

Download Why Heart Rate

Walking, one of the best forms of exercise that should be done by everyone

11:57 min

Download Walking Workouts

putting it all together, how to prioritize modes of exericse

8:53 min

Download A Balanced Workout Routine

burn fat in less time, get the most benefits in the least time

22:17 min

Download How to Burn Fat In Less Time

STRENgth, why strength train and a simple way to get started

15:19 min

Download Strength Training

yoga, be flexible and feel great

4:43 min

Download Yoga


Want the entire workbook? Download it here.

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Start with some basic workouts to get the heart pumping with Pace Maker, Make 'Em Stair, and Circuit City.


Here are some basic walking and running interval options. Our bodies were designed to walk and run. As children, we ran joyfully all the time without thinking about it. This week’s workouts, Wholy Walkamole, Need For Speed, and Happy Feet will help you incorporate more of that playful walking and running you did as a child into your exercise routine.

You won’t be bored when you do circuit training. These workouts The Lone Bell, Head to Toe, and Meet in the Middle will be strength based routines where you move quickly from one exercise to the next to get your heart rate ELEVATED. Circuit training workouts can be done at the gym, outdoors or in your living room. Two of the workouts require some basic equipment and the other requires none.

If you are short on time, get your Tabata on! Tabata is a specific way to do High Intensity Interval training. This training protocol involves performing a particular exercise (or exercises) at high intensity for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest. This is repeated 8 times for a total training time of 4 minutes! If you want to string multiple tabatas together for a longer workout, go ahead. You may need to dial the intensity down a notch though to get through it, at least until your able. This set of workouts include Apolo Ohno Tabata, a Wholata Tabata, and Twist and Shout.

These workouts are.... COMPLEX! Not to worry! These are not really complex, but quite simple. Complex routines have you move from one strength movement to the next without resting, then after a rest period, you repeat the sequence again. Your 3 workouts for the week…..It’s All About That Bar, You Don't Know Squat? and Swinging Bells, are simple yet complex!

Let us introduce to you playground workouts. At one point in our lives we were all children enjoying the fun challenge of playing on the playground. Doing this week’s workouts…. Have a Slider, Grassy-Ass (thank you very much) and Park-Core will make you feel like a kid again and provide you with great ideas on how to use that playground equipment, and get your heart rate up.

Let's have a blast! A FAT BLAST! Variety is the spice of life and these workouts will provide you with a wide variety of movements to target the entire body and help you be a fat burning master. Check out The Final Countdown, Spiderman Strong, and Pop a Wheelie, three workouts that will have you feeling strong and confident.