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You must come back to this site to sign up for each challenge separately when it becomes available. 

Emails will be sent out for each challenge reminding you when it starts and to sign up. 


2017 Calendar

For 2017, we have many interesting options to improve your health and well being. Simply complete any three of the four challenges to earn your incentive.


Challenge 1            Clean Eating + Cardio                  April 17 - May 28

Challenge 2            Mindfulness                                 June 12 - Aug 6

Challenge 3            Weight Loss + Cardio                  Aug 14 - Sept 24

Challenge 4            Fitness League                           Oct 9 - Nov 19

Employees must complete 3 challenges of their choice!

Incentive Details

  • Employees must complete any 3 of  the 4 challenges participating at 70% or better during 2017

  • Employees who meet the incentive (3 of 4) will receive a discount of $10/week off their medical insurance

  • Spouses who participate and meet the incentive will receive an additional $10/week off their combined medical insurance

  • New employees will be required to complete two challenges, or the maximum number of remaining challenges after their start date

Device Options

Garmin Vivosmart HR

  • Heart rate measured on wrist (no chest strap required)
  • Smartphone notifications (call, text, email)
  • $25 for employees on health plan
  • $25 for spouses on health plan
  • $150 for spouses not on health plan


Your Challenges


Clean eating does not mean eating Oreos while mopping your floors. Clean eating means getting back to the simple way of eating with a focus on high quality foods. It isn't about perfection, it's about eating more foods that move you toward good health. In this 6 week challenge, you will focus on getting quality cardio exercise and learn a simple way to approach a clean eating plan. We will provide you with lots of meal planning tips, resources, and recipes.

Weight Loss + Cardio:


This 6 week challenge is not for the sake of weight loss alone. The most successful weight losers approach weight loss from a holistic approach. In this 6 week challenge, you will focus on getting quality cardio exercise and be educated on best strategies to manage weight and create a healthier relationship with food, 5 reasons why calorie counting doesn't work, and that sleep and muscle are the keys to efficient weight management. Join Nuvita's Weight Loss Challenge and become a successful loser.


      mindfulness                                                    Fitness league:

mindfulness icon.png

Are you MIND FULL or MINDFUL? Most of us have minds that are full of useless information, long to do lists, and worry from the past and what is to come in the future. This causes us to lose sight of the present and never experience life as it is intended to be experienced. Mindfulness teaches the skills of being able to control and direct your mind to the present, which reduces stress and anxiety and makes us more focused, productive and appreciative of our lives. Don’t miss out on this 8 week course that will change your life forever.

Fitness League is a fun and competitive program where you form a team. Your team will play other teams week to week where for each minute of time you get in your heart rate zone you get 1 point for for your team. With a season schedule, win-loss record and always plenty of friendly competition, it is fantasy fitness at it's finest because you get all the real rewards of fitness while having a blast.


Get Started with Your Device

Garmin Vivosmart

Apple Watch

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Get to Know Your Program


Step 1: Download the App 

                    myNuvita App    

                   myNuvita App


If you haven’t already downloaded the myNuvita App, do so now. Open the App Store on your phone and search for the myNuvita app.  This app is separate from the NuvitaCardio2 App.  You may also go to www.mynuvita.com to view your dashboard.

Step 2: Get to know your App

Welcome to your MyNuvita profile! In addition to the cardio elements of your program, your MyNuvita dashboard is a central hub of information for you throughout your Nuvita program. You have the ability to interact with your Nuvita coach and friends, view your program progress, see where you stack up in your competition and more. Many of the same modules are available both in the app and on the website. Let’s explore the dashboard modules:

a. Program Progress: this module shows your current weekly progress as well as your progress week-to-week throughout the program. As you complete more elements of your program, the higher your weekly percentage will be. Set a personal benchmark to reach at least 70% of your weekly-overall goal, and you’ll be sure to receive the benefits that Nuvita can help you achieve.

b. Cardio: this module shows your percentage of overall weekly cardio compared to your goal, your time Below Zone, In Zone, Above Zone, In and Above Zone and Total Calories Burned. Click “Cardio” to see even more insight into your weekly cardio workouts.

c. My Friends: Click the small gray button in the corner of this module and you’ll be able to add friends within your organization. You can compare your weekly progress and compete for overall cardio minutes!

d. Coaching: this module allows you to interact with your Nuvita Health Coach. Your health coach can answer any and all of your questions pertainting to the Nuvita program, fitness and nutrition. You can schedule a call with your Coach or ask them a question online. If you haven’t already scheduled a coaching appointment, do so now!

e. Just for U: the Just for U education program delivers weekly quizzes that count toward your overall program progress. The personalized content of these quizzes is aimed to help you through your Nuvita program by providing useful, interesting articles and testing general comprehension. Be sure to complete the quizzes each week for a quick, simple way to advance your program progress!

f. Coaching Wall: your Coaching Wall is reserved for private conversations between you and your coach! Your coach will provide weekly tips, tricks and motivation while helping to keep you motivated and accountable on your Nuvita journey!

g. Cardio Stars: the Cardio Stars module is a quick look at those in your organization with top cardio minutes for the week. The higher your minutes, the higher you’ll be on the cardio stars list!

h. Wellness Wall: with the Wellness Wall module, you can post anything and everything about your Nuvita journey. It is only visible to those within your organization. Many use the wellness wall to post pictures of their workouts, healthy snack and meal ideas and questions for coaches and fellow participants.

Here are the 4 most important videos you can watch to learn what to do to be successful with Nuvita.